How To Earn Money From YouTube?

We all know that YouTube is one of the video-sharing platforms. Every time when we binge on our favorite YouTube video we are helping someone to earn money. Yes! we the unknown viewers are their source of income.

Pondering how to get started as well as earn from YouTube? Then let’s have a look at how to start a YouTube channel.

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Getting Started with YouTube

There are still thousands of users who are thinking of starting a channel within a few days. Don’t waste your time, get started now! The competition is very high, the earlier you start the better opportunity. Yes! right now. Choose your suitable content and make sure that you do not lose this opportunity.

Do not hesitate to express yourself in front of the camera. Give your best as it is said that the first impression is the best. Further, your first video might not hit all the targeted audiences. After 6 months or a year when you look back at your first video you yourself can understand the difference. Ultimately perfection comes with practice. The difference is indeed the actual difference from a beginner to a professionalist.

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How To Start A YouTube Channel?

Innovation has made accessibility of technologies with ease. YouTube is no where an exception. Get started with the channel by following these simple steps.

#Step 1:

Open YouTube from the browser. You can visit

#Step 2:

Click on the sign in option present at the right cornerof the page.

#Step 3:

Choose the account with which you want to start the new initiative.

#Step 4:

Once you log into your account then you can see you profile there. Click on your profile and a drop down menu will appear.

#Step 5:

From the drop down menu appearing click on create channel option.

#Step 6:

Further, you will see an option to create either personalized channel or a business channel. You can also prefer to choose the name of your channel as per your domain.

#Step 7:

You channel creation process comes to an end once you fill the description and profile photo.

#Step 8:

Start Camera! Action! Rolling!

Be Prepared

Be prepared to face all the challenges that come in front. The first challenge a YouTuber will face is acceptance. Your first video may not grab the whole attention. Cool! It’s how the system works. Wait for a while to get accepted.

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Learn to appreciate both, critics and applause. Both are very important for the improvement for the channel.

Uploading videos without any a research will ultimately prove to be foolishness. Do a proper research on how the YouTube works. It is really amazing to know how YouTube really works. The algorithm is just simple. YouTube platform works purely on views, subscribers and watch time.

Plan a Strategy

Be thorough with the strategy as well as have a clear view of what you want to achieve. Make sure that the targetted audiences are focussed properly. Start from a single domain. Do not take up multiple topics in the beginning because this will ultimately be messed up at the end.

Earning Income from YouTube

The most awaited section is on earning your income via YouTube. The earning on YouTube is basically from three sources. The three sources are views, subscriptions, and advertisements. Ads are the most common, the more the ads the more revenue. Moving towards views and subscriptions, there is a fixed amount of revenue for a fixed number of views or subscriptions. It is indeed very essential to spread your channel with more and more to earn more and more!!

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