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3 Avoidable Red Flags When Hiring A Book Or Writing Coach

Book Coaching for authors and writers has recently gained popularity. Your future coach is paid, or is he simply cashing in on a trend at your expense?

4 Factors To Consider As A Leader In 2022

Instead of waiting for the COVID crisis to pass, Run Media's co-founder advises leaders to activate the Stockdale Paradox. How to succeed in these turbulent times.

Meet Emmon Khan: The Digital Entrepreneur

In this 21st century, the world is advancing and developing at a very fast rate. Modern technologies and digital intelligence are making life very...

5 Ways To Improve Your Focus, Even For A Short Time

We're all tired, and it's difficult to concentrate. Here's how you can get your concentration back to work.

BuzzFeed Completes A Major Restructure Just 70 Days After Acquiring HuffPost, Eliminating Nearly Two-Thirds Of Its Staff

The merger between HuffPost and BuzzFeed was finalised on February 16th. Less than a month later, the staff is being cut by half. BuzzFeed CEO...

4 Quick Steps For Higher Pay Negotiation | Art Of Salary Negotiation

Even after a tough economic year, you still have a right to negotiate, and be compensated fairly for your work.


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