William – The Valorous Bank Trader

Someone has rightly said – “Success is not final, Failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” Today we bring you an inspiring story of William– The Bank Trader, who after falling a lot of times stood up to beat the odds to become financially independent. William hails from South Africa and mainly deals in Forex Trading. Since his childhood William had a lot of interest in business, he always wanted to become a businessman. He had the zeal to do something different, he says that he learnt more on streets rather than in his classroom.

This is actually true, a practical profession like the business can’t be learnt after cramming books. Initially, William started with some money he had saved, after searching a lot about different startups He could start with a small capital, he finally got to know about Bitcoin and Forex Trading from his elder brother. After doing some research and finding potential in it, He first went into Bitcoin. He was a little sceptical about the whole concept but he went for it. Initially, 3 months were great, he got small returns on Money that he invested, and then he put all his money there. But the next month, after Bitcoin shut down and all his money was gone all came to halt. But, He didn’t give up easily. He moved on to Forex, and he found it more convincing. After failing a lot of times and getting his account blown, he even joined some signal groups, but he was amazed to see that how these guys were able to earn so much money on the same platform he has been failing continuously. Therefore, he took a break did concrete research, made a complete strategy, worked on it, and once again went for Forex. Still, there were a lot of challenges but William with his sheer hard work and knowledge overcame them. He describes Forex Trading as The Game of Brave as he says that Forex is a very hard journey, and one makes a lot of mistakes while on it, people lose a lot of money, but by right knowledge and strategy you can do wonders.

Now William is one of the most top rated Forex Traders in South Africa, with over 1000 clients all over the world and the numbers are still growing. He plans to invest this money into his taxi cab business and build more property units. Truly The Story Of William is Inspiring and Motivating for all the Forex Traders out there.

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