7 Traits To Emotional Intelligence

According to research, high performers typically have high emotional intelligence (EQ). Furthermore, your EQ has a more significant overall positive influence as you advance in an organization. As a result, developing your EQ is essential if you want to succeed, move up the corporate ladder, and contribute to your organization as a true team player. Moreover, it’s a legal requirement. Therefore, understanding your “seven selves” is critical for determining your current EQ level and what you can do to improve it.

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The seven selves that everyone possesses and can strengthen to improve emotional intelligence are as follows:


Self- image

It refers to how you perceive your own personality, abilities, and appearance to others.

Self- And Social Awareness


Internally focused self-awareness is present-moment awareness of everything that makes you you, such as your normal behaviours or goals. Externally focused social awareness refers to how well you pick up on and understand social dynamics and the emotions of others.

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self- reflection

It is the capacity to look back and consider one’s nature, motivations, and actions.


Self Discipline

It is the capacity to resist the ego’s/emotions’ takeover and to develop/stick to a game plan.

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Self- Management

Self Management
Self- management

Accepting responsibility for and exercising control over one’s behaviour is what self-management entails.

Self- Disclosure

Self- disclosure

The act of disclosing information about oneself to others is known as self-disclosure (e.g., thoughts, successes, likes, and mistakes).

Self- Development

Self- development

The process of acquiring knowledge or skills to better oneself is known as self-development.

Each self faces its own set of challenges. For example, one major issue with self-image is accuracy. In addition, most people have a self-image that differs from how others perceive them, which can lead to issues like lack of confidence when approaching teammates or, on the other hand, being so egotistical that no one can coach you.

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