Best Tablets for Reading Books

Although some people prefer to read on a real electronic reading device with multi-layer displays, which really simulates the experience of reading a paper book, others prefer to choose a good book on the best tablet.

The main difference between the two comes down to several factors: display technology and versatility. For example, the iPad Air can run more than 1 million apps from Apple’s App Store, while the best-selling Kindle Paperwhite has a more limited selection of content. Although it has an anti-glare screen that you can take to the beach without obstacles in the sun, it can do nothing more than let you read and listen to books.

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Since you may want to access games and software outside of the Kindle store, the best reading tablet may best meet your needs.

  • Overall: 4th Generation iPad Air ($549)
  • Book: Amazon Fire HD 8 ($90)
  • PDF: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 ($200)
  • Best Comics and Comics: Amazon Fire HD 10 (US$125)
  • Best for reading and web browsing: iPad Pro 11 M1 (US$799)
  • For gaming and reading: iPad Pro 12.9 M1 (US$1,099)
  • Cheap tablet for reading: Amazon Fire HD 7 ( 50 USD)
  • Overall: 4th Generation iPad Air (549 USD)
  • Best Overall: 4th Generation iPad Air (549 USD)

iPad 4th Generation Air occupying the top position on our list may not be enough odd. Since its release in 2020, Air has been the perfect bridge between the standard iPad and the high-end iPad Pro. It may not have the largest screen, but compared to most e-readers, its 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display looks large. Combined with a total of 10 hours of battery life, the latest iPad Air is the best reading tablet you can buy.

Best for books: Amazon Fire HD 8 ($90)

Although you don’t have full access to the Google Play store, popular applications include Netflix, Facebook Use Amazon Fire HD 8 with TikTok at your fingertips. Up to 12 hours of reading time means you don’t have to worry about being interrupted by low battery notifications until the break is over. The unique feature of the Fire HD 8 tablet is that you have two options: ad-supported or ad-free, the latter requires an additional fee.

Best for PDF: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 ($ 200)

One of the main benefits of using Android devices is the storage system of files. Since it allows you to take documents from almost any source and open them instantly, the Samsung Galaxy A7 is your best option for reading PDF files. The 10.4-inch screen offers ample space to display pages in a clear presentation and you can access the full Google Play store, which is unobstructed access to all the most popular PDF reading applications.

Best for Comics and Comics: Amazon Fire HD 10 ($ 125)

The downside to using the iPad for reading is that You can’t actually buy it on the Kindle e-book device itself. Instead, you must visit the Kindle Store manually in a separate web browser to purchase content before sending it to the tablet. On the other hand, Fire HD 10 is almost as big as the iPad, without the above limitations. This means that you can download comics and manga directly from ComiXology on your device and then display them on the spacious 10.1-inch screen.

Best for reading and web browsing: iPad Pro 11 M1

11-inch iPad Pro The all-in-one candidate for the best reading tablet title is the iPad Air and more The popular middle ground between the large 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It is designed for use with the iPad Magic Keyboard, providing a laptop-like experience for optimal web browsing. The latest M1 version is just as powerful as the latest MacBook Pro, so you’ll see results faster than with the more affordable entry-level iPad.

Best for gaming and reading: iPad Pro 12.9 M1

Although it is not much different from the 11-inch model except for the screen size, The 12.9-inch iPad Pro M1 is equipped with an HDR display, which can enhance the graphical appearance of the monitor during gaming. Like other iPad Air and Pro models, it is compatible with third-party game controllers, such as Xbox gamepads, via a Bluetooth connection. It is also compatible with Apple Pencil 2, Magic Keyboard, and Smart Keyboard to increase functionality.

Cheapest Reading Tablet: Amazon Fire HD 7

At a price of $ 50, Amazon Fire HD 7 is hard to beat in terms of absolute value. The 7-inch IPS screen provides a wide viewing angle, allowing you to continue reading from the side while doing other things. With up to 7 hours of reading time, it’s perfect for those looking for a concise reading tablet that can handle all the basics. Of course, like other Amazon Fire devices, you have to spend a few more dollars to get rid of the ads.

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