Bitcoin Fluctuate As Musk Comments

On Monday morning, Bitcoin recovered at $45,000 per unit (approximately 894,379 Mexican pesos at current exchange rates), after dropping sharply to its lowest level on Sunday night since February 2021.

The blockchain plummeted 8%, after Elon Musk’s enigmatic letter that investors saw as a sign that his Tesla business sold all Bitcoins.

The tweet powered the cryptocurrency price up to 44,000 dollars (approximately 874,504 pesos), its lowest number weeks after Bloomberg.

Elon Musk's 'Indeed' Tweet Led to Another Drop in Bitcoin Prices and Rise  in Memes

But a recent Musk tweet cleared up the questions as Tesla refused to sell his Bitcoins. This resulted in a turnaround in the cryptocurrency market.

It’s not the first time Musk has triggered Bitcoin price shocks. A week ago, Tesla announced that he would stop taking bitcoins as a means of payment for the environmental impact that his mining has.

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