Controlling Your Emotions

The genius of Pixar animation includes a girl who plays Riley in his movie “Mind-Beam” (the movie “Inside Out”). Although this is a movie aimed at children, it provides anyone (especially managers and entrepreneurs) with valuable experience in emotional control. We all feel joy, sadness, fear, dissatisfaction, and anger. However, emotional intelligence can not only help us control them but also use them to become leaders and successful people.

The design of emotions and emotional intelligence | by Priya Saraswat | UX  Collective

Next, we will analyze the emotions presented in this film and we will tell you how to act when one of these emotions takes over. Remember to feel that they are not bad, but it is important not to let them overtake you and affect your reputation:


Obviously, joy is a positive emotion that can bring us the best. A cheerful person tends to infect his team with this attitude and show more enthusiasm. However, too much joy will affect your performance, why? Because when we are very happy about something, we tend to ignore the rest, especially those that cost the most.

Therefore, on those days when you are particularly happy, please try the following two methods: share this emotion with others and let it penetrate your company; and use a way to work better without being distracted Motivation to take advantage of it.


Sometimes, you can’t get up at all. You will feel sad and depressed. This sentiment is common among entrepreneurs who have faced failure or have not seen the fruits of their dreams. But you must be careful because this emotion can be the most destructive for people who want to succeed.
is difficult, but when you start to feel “frustrated”, you need to take immediate action. Get along with people around you, these people will make you smile and give you great advice, whether they are colleagues, friends, or family. Be honest with your feelings and look for things that make you happy, such as going to the movies, walking, traveling, spending time with children, etc.! Think that only you have the responsibility to change this attitude and look at things from a new perspective.


This is probably the most common emotion among entrepreneurs and those who decide whether to take a leap. You are usually afraid of losing financial security, sacrificing time, failing, or even “what would they say”. Fear can paralyze you and prevent you from pursuing your dreams, but it can also be a powerful motivation.

To prevent fear from turning into something positive, you must learn to step out of your comfort zone (little by little) and do things that you wouldn’t normally do. So, it is important to learn to tolerate this feeling and reduce it by preparing yourself as much as possible, considering the risks, and gaining confidence in yourself.

I don’t like it

As an entrepreneur, you can hate many things: from the lack of support and mistakes made to the attitude of certain employees or partners. When you let this emotion control you, your appearance will continue to complain and be impatient, which is especially common among people who pursue perfection and negativity.

This emotion can seriously affect the morale of the team and everyone working with you. In order to reduce this situation, it is recommended to adopt a more patient and tolerant attitude. When you see something you don’t like or dislike, try to find the positive aspects of it, and most importantly, try not to show what you don’t like without listening to the other person’s voice. No longer always see the glass half empty, but start to see the glass half full.


We all have the right to be angry from time to time; Furthermore, if we are not angry with certain situations, we will not think of ourselves as human beings. However, at the same time, those who do not know how to control themselves and are carried away by anger can cause great harm to the company and its employees.

If you are the type of person who gets angry easily or loses your temper, now is the time to begin to mature and measure your words and actions. Regardless of the situation, it should never be taken away, insulted or abused. Learn to use anger and frustration to find solutions instead of attacking others.

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