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On the day I went to work at the company, they welcomed me with a smile. They took me to my house, showed me my table, my chair, my computer, and even gave me a white cup with my name printed on it in orange. In the desk drawer, I found a black, heavy and round object, and I immediately made it myself, trying to meet the expectations I believe others have of me.

At the end of the first day, I turned off the computer, organized the desk, closed the drawer, and went home to say good night. The black and heavy round object is already in my pants pocket. Or maybe in my chest, in my soul, in my heart.

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It is work pressure, from that day on I took it everywhere.

When I was a student, nobody told me what it was like to work. Or maybe I don’t know how to listen when they do. Anxious, I just want to finish college, start work, earn money on my own, and finally achieve independence.

I have observed what it means to work in others, but I don’t know what it’s like to wake up time after time and always follow the same conventions to fight day after day adversity, from projects to getting into trouble, from ruthlessness and cruelty They fall off as expected on the delivery date. As my father waited at the airport for a delayed, diverted, congested, or canceled flight, I saw tired eyes on his face. Or his shadow wears a Portillo hat when he leaves at dawn.

Because of the early morning cold and the absence of electricity, his shoulders are broken by the fears implied by the possible devaluation, and a coup has taken place in the country he traveled. , About the rumors that the company that he worked with three kids who were studying at the same time had closed down. Although it was in front of me, I never thought about what it meant to live with the ballast of the black, heavy, round object on my neck. Not how it affects me.

Although I really liked what I did, from day one I began to feel the pressure of work on my neck, shoulders, and heart. As tasks and responsibilities increase, the weight becomes increasingly unbearable each year. Based on my instincts, I tried to tame him in the best way. I am strong in adversity, optimistic on cloudy days, I try to minimize worries, and I don’t take everything too seriously.

I didn’t stop working and I didn’t ignore my performance.

Then I started running to control my emotions. I ran a lot. Too much. In the kilometer, I found some feeling, but once I stopped moving, it disappeared. Then, the chaos and unbearable weight of the black and heavy round object I made the day I started work will come back again.
Until one day I broke down, everything fell apart. Although I didn’t mean to tell that story, I learned something about how to deal with work pressure on the difficult road of finding myself in ruins. I share it here because I know we all live in it. Employees or entrepreneurs, business owners or salaried employees, photographers or writers, the requirements of today’s working world are cruel. High expectations. And the tools we usually use to deal with them are scarce.

Pay attention to the stories you tell about yourself

Sometimes we are one of the main stressors in life ourselves, but we don’t even realize it. Our repeated stories about ourselves over and over again are inevitably subjective and subject to our interpretation of a certain situation. In these stories, we tend to treat ourselves as victims: the world conspires against us. Customers, bosses, and business owners are the villains who try to make things difficult for us. They are the people who pressure us.

We don’t realize that the voices we use to tell these stories are just echoes of our insecurities. Each time you tell one of these stories (or each time you tell them to other people), practice a little and retell the same story, but from a neutral location. Simply changing your voice will allow you to see things differently and understand the other person’s reasons and concerns.
Unexpectedly, you will also feel less overwhelmed.

Refusal of self-imposed pressure

When someone asks how you are doing, how many times do you reply that you are stressed? Even if this does not solve any problems, you have to repeat this sentence over and over again. You judge and judge yourself: “I have pressure.” Express it in words, you turn the pressure into reality, and you are at a loss even when you should relax (does anyone say Sunday afternoon?).

Although you may not realize it, words have tremendous power and can contribute to the creation of the reality you live in. The next time you find yourself saying or thinking that you are stressed, try to better describe what happened to you: “I feel insecure because tomorrow is Monday and we have not finished the project. I am afraid of my boss. Reaction.” It will help you break the vicious cycle of always feeling stressed. Find insecurities to fix and understand exactly what unfinished business you need to resolve to stop feeling overwhelmed.

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