Creating a Friendly Workplace

Face it, we all have to deal with people, whether we mostly employ freelance support or handle big office workers. When you learn to build good relationships with your friends and collaborators, your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Here are seven tips that help to build good working relationships.

How to build workplace connections that help us succeed - Ideas

Develop a constructive approach.

When you own your own company, your colleagues and staff are looking for you to set the tone for the business and workplace climate. A good outlook is essential for a pleasant and happy workplace. A positive or negative attitude often affects your customers’ perception of your company, which reflects their willingness to deal with you. You can see when it all clicks and even tell when things are wrong.

Appreciate everyone.

Everyone you work with deserves respect at work, even though you have differences of opinion. Look at every individual as a valuable team member. Be sure that they have diverse views and different ways to see the universe. This appreciation will help to build the confidence and synergy that will bring your company to the fore.

Practice listening actively.

With careful listening, effective dialogue continues. Encourage your colleagues to express their views and be open to listening to them without interfering with your opinions. Make the approach “Yeah, that’s a way” rather than “No, that will never succeed” to fuel an atmosphere in which everyone knows they have a voice.

Connect personally.

Develop positive relationships with your colleagues. Exchange views and thoughts. Show your empathy and compassion for your well-being as individuals and colleagues. Take time to hear about your family and your objectives. You cultivate a happy workplace if you demonstrate sincere interest in others.

Establish external partnerships.

Go for lunch at the stadium or schedule an off-site outing such as a bowling night. Get to meet each other outside the bureau. You’ll be happily shocked to hear more about what ticks them, and when you find you share passions, you will grow much deeper ties.

Work for a bigger good together.

When they help others, most people feel good. Take a humanitarian drive and inspire your colleagues to engage in fundraising activities, a charitable run, or a humanity habitat project. If you share shared objectives and activities for the benefit of others, you will create confidence and bond. Post daily office or newsletters reports. Recognize everyone for their hard work and commitment.

Thank you. Say thank you.

A wide range of forms of appreciation include respect, acknowledgment, money, awards, gift cards, festival dinners, medals and accomplishment certificates. Be liberal with positive feedback and thankful when employees go beyond their normal duties.

All want to be respected for what they do on a daily basis. A mindset of thankfulness goes a long way. Offer respect, friendliness, openness, care, and confidence, and many times you will reap the returns.

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