Don’t Be Busy, Be Productive

Don’t Be Busy, Be Productive.

Don't be Busy - be Productive! | Ed4Career

Fast! How many times have you used the word “busy” in the last week?

I’m too busy, I’m too busy, I’ve been too busy.

People seem to just like to use the word and carry it with them as a badge of honor.

Busy means that the focus is on the time I spend on something. Production means putting results first.
I am no longer simply saying that I will spend the next hour doing something. Now I say I’m going to finish these things now.

Have you noticed that if you have to spend a certain amount of time doing something, it usually takes all the time? Why? Because you will be distracted in the middle, you will pay more attention to the amount of time you have than to what you need to accomplish.
I created a to-do list and completed it.

Busy means multitasking. Efficient means focusing on one thing at a time.
Now, this is a fight for me. At any given moment, I feel like I’m dealing with a million things. I think they all feel the same.

So I jump back and forth from one task to another, doing small parts, and often everything is half done. I don’t think of a completely efficient “victory”, all I spend is time accomplishing nothing.
The goal is not to do so many tasks at once. They say that when you switch from one task to another, you waste a lot of mental energy.

To change gears, it takes a few minutes to change to something new. So when I try to write a blog post, answer the phone, check the exercise, and then go back to my other side, this change is wasting a lot of mental energy and efficiency.

Busy means no time to do anything. Productivity means having time to make priorities.
Once again, I have been using the word busy as an excuse. When my son asked me to take her to the playground, I told him that I was busy, which just meant that I had more important things to do now.
When I tell people that I am too busy to help them do something, but that I have time to binge on a favorite show, it just means that this is not a priority.

When it becomes a priority and you focus on improving work efficiency, you will find the time, energy, and energy necessary to do something.
But is there a way to finish everything you want to do without being busy?
As someone who is currently involved in this work, I think it is a matter of using our time more intelligently so that we can be more efficient.

Think on it!! Have a great day…

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