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I operate a Youtube channel on the building industry’s advanced technological sub niche (epoxy flooring). I launched this channel almost by mistake in 2015. On one of my PowerPoint presentations, I had done a voiceover. I needed a place for people to view the presentation, so I uploaded it to Youtube. I sent the link to customers and subscribers via e-mail.

The video was in an awful format of 4:3 screen. The color and font choice left a great deal to be desired. But a few weeks after posting this video, I noticed that the video had begun to gain momentum. People liked, commented, and shared the video. The video has collected over half a million views to this day. Honestly, I never thought there would be many people interested in learning about the topic.
Six years quickly and every month my channel receives 60,000 views and 3,000 hours of monitoring time. I attribute much of the continuous development to my subscribers because I run an automated email series.

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Typical YouTube tips don’t fit on my channel

Much of the advice on expanding your Youtube channel sounds like this: Find your niche, publish several days a week, and raise your number. Some videos will eventually become viral, and people will subscribe in the bunch.

In my case, every week I am not posting a new Youtube video. Six months have passed since I uploaded a video last. I’ve posted a total of 46 videos since 2015! My business is not going quickly. It takes years, if not decades, to develop new products and new innovations. I feel I have exhausted most of the topics to talk about. However, despite the lack of new videos, each month I add another 400–500 channel subscribers.

How my channel expanded in an automatic sequence

I give my email subscribers a 5-day free email course to develop their skills. If the registration is over, I’ll add my email subscribers to my response sequence. They get one email per day for the next five days. There’s a separate class every day. At the end of the email I point out additional support to my subscribers. I’m inviting you to watch a video or read a blog article. If you click on this page, you’ll see at least one of my Youtube videos in my blog post.

Most e-mail service providers can set up the 5-day e-mail course relatively easily. In my case, I use Convertkit, but most paid tools tend to be similar.

Following the five days of the email training, subscribers will still receive a few bonus emails. I don’t send them e-mails every day because it could be exhausting and disturbing. But I am sure they get more content and more links to videos every 3–4 days. I keep track of my open rates and press to see the most attractive emails and subjects for my subscribers.

The email sequence is part of a larger strategy for pitching other products for my subscribers. However, I didn’t expect the impact that this strategy might have on my Youtube algorithm and my channel’s growth.

The algorithm is driven by two main factors

I have found two factors that will significantly influence YouTube’s success:

External traffic is the first element. Youtube wants you to get people to the platform and then start watching your videos.

The other major factor influencing the Youtube algorithm is how long people spend viewing your videos. This means that you must involve and interest people in your videos. And once you have watched a video, you’ll get them back. The longer people spend on the platform, the more ads Youtube can show.

This is why a well-run email sequence can work well for your Youtube channel. I got involved video viewers by getting people to sign up for my e-mail course. It was people who raised their hands and said they wanted to learn more. When I drove these people to Youtube, I realised that my videos’ average watch time would increase. Most of these people would go on and click on other videos.

YouTube Algorithm

As time began to rise on average, the Youtube algorithm began to show more of my videos. It created a circle of virtue. When more people found my channel, they were looking for my blog and registering for my 5-day e-mail course. The e-mail training would take people back to my Youtube channel. These subscribers have become great enthusiasts, consumed more content, left more comments and shared videos with their peers.

I should also mention that Facebook ads have an interesting effect on my Youtube channel. The results would be bombarded when I tried to drive Facebook users straight to a Youtube video. I’ve spent a lot of money clicking on a video, but the engagement was poor. After a few seconds of watching the footage, most people bounced.

But I changed my strategy. Instead of sending Facebook users to a video, I have them to subscribe to my e-mail course. I could have leads at a fairly decent cost (less than $2), which was farmer and more committed. You were much more likely to sign up for my channel and watch my videos until the end.

Study your analysis unceasingly

The strategy I described above will work best if you use the data provided by Youtube and your e-mail service provider.

Youtube analytics offers developers huge volumes of info. The analysis tells you which videos are attractive and where people spend their time. You must take people to your popular videos, because that is where most growth is potentially possible.

In the past, I used to send subscribers to my less popular videos, thinking I needed more insights. These were great videos where I gave wonderful information. Yet people seemed not interested in looking at them. I’ve been obsessed with trying to get the video off. I tried and tried, but it wasn’t anything.

I’ve realised that it’s a lost cause since then. The analytics always tell you the best videos. If people leave after 15 seconds, your video doesn’t inspire the audience. Send people instead to the videos with the highest commitment.

Some of your videos are growing exponentially. You could also send dedicated subscribers to those videos and further increase your exposure.

Track your open rates and click your emails. In my autoresponder series, I aim to achieve an open rate of over 45 per cent. These are new, new subscribers who have only signed up for emails. You can experiment with the subject line or email content when your open rates are lower.

Conclusion of thoughts

A properly run email series can drive quality traffic to your Youtube channel. Increased watch time leads to YouTube recommending more in the proposed sidebar videos. Study your information and find out the videos that are most successful. Don’t just concentrate on views, look at factors like time, commitment and new subscribers.

Create your answering machine, then send people to these videos. These are videos moving the needle. These videos will most probably be shared and transmitted. The Youtube algorithm will slowly notice this hyper-focused commitment. And Youtube will look for viewers similar to those you drive to the channel.

When I get 3000 hours of monitoring each month for epoxy flooring, imagine what you can do with a much broader subject.

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