Forgiveness From President Trump Denies Matt Gaetz

ALLOWAYS Mr. Trump denied Wednesday morning reports of the former President’s loyal ally Rep. Matt Gaetz, who is now facing a federal sample of allegations of sexual misconduct (which Gaetz found false), asking for preventive forgiveness towards the end of his term in office.

Rep. Matt Gaetz
Rep. Matt Gaetz, Federal Republic of Florida, is seen during a meeting of the House Armed Services Committee… [+]


Trump wrote in a statement released from his office, ‘Congressman Matt Gaetz never asked for forgiveness.

The statement of the former president came following Tuesday’s news from The New York Times and ABC News reports that he and the other members of Congress who had been loyal to Trump had sought blanket forgiveness.

Trump also pointed out, in his brief statement, that Gaetz “has denied him completely.”

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The federal researchers are investigating whether Gaetz has sex with a 17-year-old girl, and whether Joel Greenberg, a disgraceful former tax collector from Seminole County, paid women for sex. The allegations and reports that he showed his congressional counterparts photographs of naked women were vehemently denied. In the New York Times that cited two unnamed sources, the Justice Department opened its Gaetz inquiry at the time it was supposed to be asking for forgiveness, although it was unclear what it knew about the investigation.

Faced with growing charges, including federal proofs of whether he paid for sex with women, including a 17-year-old girl, he has remained challenging.

He said in his initial denial to the outlet, “The recent false allegations made against me are not something I have ever discussed with Trump, forget or otherwise.”
The fierce legislator said that after the 6-January outbursts at the US Capitol he and fellow legislators met Trump to discuss a broader pardon strategy— an exchange in which he advised the former president to forgive himself, his family and others, as reported by Politico.
Trump was accused of insurrection by the House, but acquitted in the Senate.

Gaetz refused any sexual misconduct allegations. Gaetz said he had “absolutely not resigned,” in his op-ed in the Washington Examiner on Monday, because he blame the political opponents for this scandal.

In addition to the trial of the Justice to pay the 17-year-old for sex and to encourage her to travel, Gaetz was accused for several wrongs, including showing photos of naked women he slept in fellow poles and playing a “Sex Challenge” in Harry Potter where he gave points for various ruptures.

Michael Waldman, NYU President of the Brennan Center for Justice, told ABC News, that “the request of Gaetz was seemingly so outrageous that it was not even rejected by President Trump.”

“There would be extraordinary blanket forgiveness. It was even more extraordinary for a Congressman to be blanketly forgiven under investigation,” Waldman said.

“Whether the president will be able to grant full forgiveness in advance, as this is an invitation to go and breach the law,” he added.

 photographs of colleagues
Matt Gaetz allegedly showed photographs of colleagues who he had relationships with naked women.

On 24 November Gaetz said, “Trump ought to forgive Michael Flynn, he ought to forgive Thanksgiving Turkish people, he ought to forgive everyone from himself, to his office of the Administration and Joe Exotic if he must.”

“Because you see from the radical left a desire to be bloodied only if they follow the people who have worked so hard to stimulate the Trump government with the policies and energy that they gave to the Americans,” he told Laura Ingraham. “So I believe that the President ought to be effective and robust in using this forgiveness power.”

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