Mr Ibrahim- Making Lives Better Through Social Activism

Being selfless, and helping others is the greatest deed one can commit. Being empathetic and dedicating yourself to society is no joke. Today we bring you an inspiring story of Mr Ibrahim Al-Salem Al-Obaidi, a man of a pure soul and golden heart.

Mr Ibrahim is a 22 yr old Qatar Based public figure and influencer. Just like any other child his childhood was full of fun, naughtiness and dreams aspiring to be something greater. Ibrahim was one of the naughtiest children in the family but today he stands tall as one of the most humble and influential figures in Qatar. He is a social activist and a blogger who actively participates in literally everything helping humankind and puts on a smile on other’s faces.

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Not only this but Ibraham is also a keen lifestyle and food blogger unwrapping the various layers to the way we live and enjoy ourselves. He also inspires many other people and helps them in their projects in any way possible to guide them to the path of success. He is also a very good photographer picturising a whole new world with his lens he presents The true image of the society.

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Ibrahim is an independent self-made man who never took advantage of or supports anyone but continuously tries to become a support system for anyone who needs him. Mr Ibrahim is a rare gem to find in this world.

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