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More and more distributed professionals decide that they do not really have to settle in bigger technology centers like Silicon Valley or in New York City. The focus is bright on regional technology centers that provide remote employees with improved quality of life and future access to more job opportunities.

Talent is therefore on the move. You may want to start searching for remote team members in these American tech hubs if you run an existing company or startup.

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Boise Boise

Boise, Idaho is quickly becoming one of the hottest technology cities in the United States. Homegrown companies emerge, many of which concentrate on robots, computing, and online applications. Thanks to a strong pool of technical talent already available in and around the city, these start-ups are expanding. Boise and its suburbs are well known for their stunning parks and a wide range of restaurants and museums.

I encountered a lot of founders who packed and left Boise Bay, and several other towns and cities in Idaho such as Coeur d’Alene, Missoula and Twin Falls in the San Francisco bay area.

Reno Reno

In recent years Reno, Nevada, and the neighboring city of Sparks have gained attention and attracted talent from all over the world, especially following Elon Musk’s decision to locate the first Giga factory in Tesla.

New businesses and relocators have gained expertise to occupy thousands of vacancies. Reno has an inexpensive tax system (like the rest of Nevada) just north of Lake Tahoe and Carson City, government support and collaborative efforts for entrepreneurs, natural beauty and a range of outdoor opportunities as well as affordable accommodation.


Portland, Oregon, and its suburb of Vancouver, Washington are part of a huge technology corridor from Tacoma to Vancouver, Canada along I-5. More technology companies are moving in the area, drawing on an outdoor lifestyle, technological expertise, sustainability and funding for the technology industry by the public sector.

In the midst of the ongoing turmoil, I know well a married couple working in tech. They traded their small apartment in Portland’s Pearl District for a large 3-bedroom. They’re not going back. They’re not coming back.


Bend, Oregon is a three-hour drive in the south east of Portland across the mountains and is now still very popular with California’s expatriates. A client of the doctor who moved there chastened me because she did not want her secret to go out.

Bend provides some enticing stuff to the Pacific Northwest. It is accessible, promises incredible recreational opportunities, a better balance between work and life and funding for start-ups. Organizations in the community need entrepreneurs and other talents to recruit remote employees aggressively.


Let’s remain north-west with the Pacific and head next to Spokane. It is a 30-minute drive from Idaho’s heart of Alene over the state border. While Seattle has had all eyes on companies like Amazon and Microsoft for many years, intelligent talent has quietly migrated to the more economical and rising technology center on the other side of the state.

Spokane is cheap, provides good jobs and offers various benefits for start-ups and existing companies who choose to establish a shop there.

The Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, and its suburbs have filled the vast valley in which they live for decades. Smart engineering employees are now making Sin City home from everywhere.

No discussion of Vegas is fair if Tony Hsieh and his online clothing and shoe dealer Zappos are not included. In 2004, he relocated the business to nearby Henderson and in 2013 to the city centre. The neighbourhood was revitalised.

Vegas is known for its inexpensive commercial and residential land, cheaper accommodation and various benefits for start-ups. The city is considered one of the top 10 tech talented cities in the US, with Google, Amazon and several other tech firms participating.


Phoenix, Arizona, the fifth largest city in the world, is now listed among the top spots for technology talent. Local colleges report more engineering degrees than employment, with talent turning to small and medium-sized firms for openings. California professionals have been streaming steadily for the past decade or so.

The vast metropolitan area, including Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa and Glendale, provides competitive salaries, low-cost jobs, hot weather and lower living costs than nearby California.

San Diego

San Diego, California has long been home to leading technology firms and, particularly in the biotech sector, Silicon Valley has long been running for its capital. Together with Amazon, other game, sports, and app startups have enabled the city to grow into a fantastic tech hub.

Other characteristics such as academic research, fine weather, international access and lifestyle make it an enticing location where young technology professionals can be found.

City of Kansas

The tech scene of Kansas City has been expanding in recent years as part of “Silicon Prairie” by adding more talent, partially by considerably lower housing costs than coastal technology hubs. One of my closest friends who had transferred his family to the suburb of Olathe in Kansas City, Kansas was pleased to say that he purchased a large home for less than he paid staying in an apartment in Oakland, California.


Omaha, Nebraska is another technology center that has been part of “Silicon Prairie.” There have been great efforts by business leaders in recent years to recruit more technological expertise and entrepreneurs. The city’s museums, zoos, and schools are popular. Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, along with some of the world’s largest building companies and financial/insurance companies, are known for their house.

These cities in Nebraska, along with Lincoln, offer young technology graduates an inexpensive and high quality of life. Current and emerging businesses continue to draw public and private projects.

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