Writing A Book Will Benifit You

Writing a book may not be the first thing to remember while looking to find opportunities to increase your income, but it is an opportunity worth considering today.

Although it was once a long procedure for a published author to locate a manager and a distributor, many managers will now completely circumvent this process. Self-publishing, particularly in the modern world, is simpler than ever.

Writing a book specific to the target audience of your company with the right content and a little marketing plume will help drive your company’s success. Looking for a few main markers helps you know if writing a book is an intelligent idea for your business.

Not everyone on the internet should write a book — Quartz

Writing a book has prestige

Faithfulness is important, particularly when you work in B2B. This is why BrightLocal survey results showed that 86 percent of all consumers search online reviews before making a purchase. This is why many Marketing Papers illustrate the importance of prizes, certificates and consumer testimonials from third parties on your website.

Customers like to see evidence of your niche expertise, and writing a book is a sure path to become a legitimate thinker. Showing that you have been released on Amazon or another trusted platform gives prospective customers more assurance that they know what they are talking about – even though they themselves do not read the book.

It’s a PR chance

The publication of a book may be a lucrative investment for your business. News media are still looking for fresh, fascinating information. A book launch is of interest particularly if the book’s contents are important to the ‘beat’ of a certain reporter.

Instead of trying to pitch yourself or your company, put your book into news media for land interviews, reviews and other coverages as an article. Your book coverage would inevitably lead to your mention (the author) and your business.

Also local coverage (newspapers, TV or radio) gives useful media exposure. As targeted at media outlets, see for reporters who cover your market and write a powerful, tailored pitch that shows your target audience the importance you can offer. Using your book as an expert forum could also make you into an interview resource for more reports, allowing you to gain an even greater representation of the public.

Provides an opportunity to register with the mailing list

Many companies depend on mailing lists and promotional incentives for consumers to register – and for good cause. DMA National Client Email Research finds that email has an overall ROI of $38 for every dollar spent on marketing. The bigger your list, the higher your future income.

However, because consumers have an additional opportunity, they are much more likely to sign up for the mailing list. It is a smart way to promote registration if you offer your book free to those who subscribe to your email list. After demonstrating precisely how your book is important and valuable, prospective buyers would be much more likely to share their contact details.

Rory Carruthers is one of the most sought-after book marketing consultants in the world and the author of seven best-selling foreign books. He explained in an e-mail chat, “People want to get things for free because the free ‘something’ has actual meaning. Indeed, I provide one of my books with physical copies to help power email list signups. They are much more likely to connect with my emails later by sending them something of value, so they consider my potential content to have equal value.”

Create various sources of revenue

Publishing a book can easily provide an additional source of revenue by itself, but you can also use it to introduce additional revenue sources for your company. You can (with a little work) translate the same content that you used to write your book into a collection of online webinars and other profitable content.

A book can also be the ideal forum for guests to talk or introduce consultation services to your current company. These new revenue sources are much more likely to succeed after you have built your reputation in your book. Diversifying your sources of income provides more opportunities for growth as your business’s financial stability improves.

Enhance your exposure and demand

You will dramatically improve your reputation and prestige in your field when you write an authoritative book. The number of people who are involved in doing business with you increases naturally.

A perfect example is writer and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss. In his 2007 book The 4-Hour Workweek, Ferriss first gained prominence based on his past entrepreneurial experiences. The book became best-selling in the New York Times and gained important attention in Ferriss’ national publications.

Ferriss has been able to make use of his fame as an angel investor to start a thriving podcast that has reached hundreds of millions of downloads. By means of a novel, Ferriss could become one of the top names in the business today. Not all industry authors will become bestsellers in the New York Times. But with more demand, you can make a big difference as you meet more profitable customers.

While it takes a lot of time and research to write and rewrite a novel, it can have genuinely transforming consequences for your company. By using your book to enhance your reputation and increase market presence, you will rise even quicker than ever before.

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