“I’m Willing To Listen To That”

President Biden said on Wednesday that he will “negotiate” the planned increase in the Corporate Tax rate from 21% to 28% found in his sweeping infrastructure scheme. President Joe Biden on Tuesday 6 April 2021, Washington, D.C.

Still Facts

  • Raising corporate income tax is one direction in which the federal government expects to raise more income for the aggressive infrastructure and spending proposal of the Biden Administration.
  • This is a move from the US$1.9 trillion rescue plan that came into force last month which was almost entirely funded with federal debt.
  • A smaller increase in corporate rates could appease criticisms such as Sen. Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat from Western Virginia who said that he would prefer a 25 percent corporate rate.
  • Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), said that no new tax increases were requested within GOP.
Corporate America tears down Biden's infrastructure plan - POLITICO

Crucial Quote

“I’m willing to listen to that,” Biden replied on Wednesday. Asking if he’d consider a corporate tax rate below 28%. “So we have to pay for this… we can do it in a lot of other ways, but I’m willing to discuss it.”

Background Key

The Biden infrastructure plan needs more than $2 trillion to upgrade roads and bridges, boost the manufacturing sector and launch the transition to renewable energy. Transportation infrastructure such as highways and bridges, $621 billion for clean drinking water. $100 billion for developing telecommunications and electricity infrastructure such as the electric grid was $111 billion.

This is not to mention 213 billion dollars for affordable and sustainable housing. 400 billion dollars for the “care economy,” and 100 billion dollars for the advancement of workers. All this money will be invested over 8 years and paid off for 15 years of tax increases. Biden intends to impose a minimum of 21 percent international income tax on US businesses. The White House proposes to impose a minimum global tax on other nations. These reforms are intended to avoid transferring sales, output, and jobs to multinational corporations abroad.

Great Number

2.1 trillion dollars. So, in line with the Penn Wharton Budget Model, Biden’s infrastructure expenditure plan will increase over ten years to compensate for $2.7 trillion.

Critic Leader

The big business quickly opposed the planned rate increase from Biden after the infrastructure proposal was introduced last month. “The Business Roundtable firmly opposes the rise in corporate tax as a salary for investment in infrastructure,” the CEO organization said in a statement. “Politicians, particularly during the recovery, should avoid creating new obstacles to the development of jobs and economic growth.”

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