Never Be A Horrible Boss

All of us (or almost all of us) have a boss like a horror movie. In our lives as employees, it is easy to encounter such a person, who will take away our desire to work and make us tremble every time the phone rings.
Since you are the boss, it is important that you be aware of this and avoid making mistakes that will cause you to lose the trust and respect of the team. Here are 10 terrible bosses and how to be one of them.

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For this kind of boss, only he is right, everyone else is wrong. From the beginning, he hoped you were wrong and just waited for him to point it out. Think that things can only be done in one way and correct everything you provide. He has no confidence in his team, and his mentality is “if I don’t do this, things won’t be resolved”.
How to avoid being one of them: Trust your team. Accept that nothing in life is perfect, or necessarily perfect. Try to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. If you let your collaborators work their way, you may be surprised and get good results.


These bosses pay so much attention to befriending their subordinates that they put work and seriousness aside. They have no authority and want to feel “more like a person” in the team. He often joked with his colleagues and went out for drinks with them every week. Adapting and pleasing his employees is so important to him that he is willing to sacrifice productivity and leadership.

How to avoid being one of them: Understand that you are not their friend. It is okay to maintain a good relationship with the people you work with, but you must learn not to cross the line. Don’t let them lose respect for you; use your attitude and behavior to win their admiration and trust instead of partying with them every weekend.

The Cantinflas

This type of boss is known for talking a lot and not talking. His words are full of straw, and he keeps meeting just for conversation and purposeless conversation. When providing feedback or explaining the task to be completed, he said ambiguous words and did not provide clarity or understanding. Likes to make meaningless speeches and empty conversations.

How to avoid being one of them: Define what you want to say. Before attending a conference or giving a speech, make sure you know what the goal is and how to achieve it. Remember, in order for your team to do a good job, you need to be clear and avoid wasting precious time.


This boss likes to create fear. For him, his employees are the kind of servants who must please him and obey his instructions. He is happy to cause fear and make people feel less happy. Sometimes he would even humiliate the person because it is common for him to yell and curse in front of others.

How to avoid being one of them: Understanding that fear is not equal to respect. Create fear among your people and you will do nothing, they will never approach you and you will always have a wrong vision of your business. You must leave your ego (or your insecurities) behind and consider who your employees are: people with dreams, ambitions, and ideas.


Generally speaking, this type of boss is a workaholic and expects everyone to become. He doesn’t have a personal life, so he doesn’t think of anyone else. This is the typical person who calls you on weekends and asks you to stay late at the office. He is fascinated by stress and does not care about the health of employees or the balance between personal and professional life. He asks for more than he needs, in his opinion work is the only thing that exists.

How to avoid being one of them: have a personal life. Start with yourself: In recent years, you may have to leave family and friends to start a business, but now is the time to find your balance. Take care of your health and relationships, and remember that your team must also take care of them.


Laughing, crying, screaming, excited, throwing pens, hitting the table… These bosses are all weapons that they carry with them. For them, there is no emotional intelligence. They show all feelings of blazing passion because they believe it is “necessary” to share these feelings with others. It is common for him to scream when someone makes a mistake, or even cry when something goes wrong. They like to lose their temper like children.

How to avoid being one of them: improve emotional intelligence. Before reacting, calm down and think about how to act. Do not let your emotions dominate you, learn to think with a calm mind, and do not make decisions on impulse.


He is the boss who says things that people want to hear but do not believe. He wanted to please everyone, but in fact, he kept making promises and promises that he couldn’t keep. He also likes to weed, does not mind the confrontation between the people on the team, as long as he washes his hands he looks good with both parties.

How to avoid being one of them: honesty. Don’t give people false hopes or promises you can’t achieve. Remember, your words are a precious weapon.

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