Stimulus Update: Will There Be A Fourth Stimulus Check?

Don’t hold your breath for it this summer. But don’t rule it out entirely.

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Is a fourth, fifth, or sixth incentive payment due this summer? Despite rumor’s to the contrary, don’t expect any more direct payments anytime soon because Washington is currently preoccupied with other matters.

Biden’s administration has now turned its attention to the outside world, with a recent bill aimed at increasing US competitiveness in China, with a focus on economic stability and pandemic response. This week, President Joe Biden (now in Europe) is on vacation, and his national efforts are focused on the infrastructure stalemate that broke down during yesterday’s negotiations. His legacy would be the massive bill that redefined childcare and social spending as infrastructure .Everyone’s attention is now focused on a bipartisan group of Senators who have devised a support strategy, while Senate leader Chuck Schumer considers how a bill can be passed with Democratic support.

However, many people and politicians want more incentives. Only three weeks ago, seven members of the House Ways and Means Committee sent a letter to the president urging him to continue paying the petition for direct payments, which had more than 2.3 million signatures.

The total number of congressional members openly supporting the idea now exceeds 80. The White House has also remained open to the idea, as press secretary Jen Psaki stated last week: “This is what is most effective and important for the economy to move forward.” The White House also remained open to the idea, saying Data also makes additional direct payments. A Michigan University study found “substantial declines” in poverty in the months following the implementation of stimulus payments, preventing the kind of damage to lives that is difficult to recover from.

So, where are we going from here? Politicians are in the pockets of the wealthy. Payments for stimuli could easily resurface in the news if Democrats are politically advantageous. If, for example, Biden fails to provide its infrastructure, another stimulus round – possibly smaller in scope and targeted to competing populations – would distract from the burrs. Take a look at the most recent updates.

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