Kendrick Johnson Death Mystery | Kendrick Johnson’s Family’s Hopes Were Raised

The Lowndes County sheriff says they will conduct a new investigation into the case of the death of Kendrick Johnson, who was first found at the local high school gymnasium-tutorial institution in a tightly rolled mat in a headlock-like position in 2013.

GBI Closed The Kendrick Johnson Murder Mystery Case

According to WCTV, the GBI closed the case more than a year ago, but the sheriff, Ashley Paulk, ordered a re-examination of almost all the previous documents found on the scene to see if anything new could happen.

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‘We’re starting from scratch, Paulk announced to the TV network. It ‘There are no preconceived notions or prejudiced conclusions.’ All the readings and interviews will be done, of course, but we will also be talking to some people who are experts in the field.

An image of Kendrick Johnson, the south Georgia teenager found dead inside a rolled-up wrestling mat in his school, is displayed on a banner, as demonstrators attend a “Who Killed K.J.” rally in Atlanta. On March 5, 2021, Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Faulk said the department would reopen the investigation into Johnson’s mysterious death. DAVID GOLDMAN AP

The former lawyer, Bill Johnson, was found dead in a gym at Lowndes County High School, located approximately 70 miles northeast of Tallahassee, Florida, on January 11, 2013. The 17-year-cause old’s was “aphylaxis,” which found that he had climbed to the mat to get a tennis shoe. His body showed no signs of foul play, so the second was not performed, and the first autopsy confirmed that it was an accident.

Johnson’s Family Is In Hope

Ken and Jackie Johnson’s parents believe that their son was murdered and then falsely accused of having killed two other white children. The family has been trying to get to the truth about their son’s death through a number of lawyers since they were suspected, with the help of some of whom they identified and accused of being conspirators, and several parties to cover up the circumstances.

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After investigators looked at the charges and ruled out foul play in the federal system, the Justice Department closed the case in 2016, “found sufficient evidence to support federal charges” in 2016, but that Kendrick Johnson had evidence of a different, clear type of blunt force trauma to his neck and jaw.

He and Johns have revealed that he and Paul have been involved in efforts to obtain documents from the federal government related to the case, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. While the Department of Justice had previously refused their requests, the week after that they finally agreed to give the Civil Rights Division seventeen boxes of paperwork, hard drives, computers and other materials from their three-year investigation.

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Johnson’s family had been hoping for this news, because it meant that their father’s death could be resolved, and they would be closer to learning the truth about who killed him.

With Marcus Coleman, an activist and family representative, WQCW said, “returning is the right thing to do and the right thing to do.” In this regard, it is regrettable that it took eight years and two months, but at the end of the day the quest for justice was lost. The fact that the 17 boxes are still standing is a year of Kendrick’s life, and the metaphor he chose is also significant.

Paulk, who is leading the new investigation, estimates that it will take a long time and a lot of manpower to get through the estimates of the documents.

We are positive (we will succeed) in finding the real cause on our own, as a result of that, Mr. V told the Valdosta Tribune.

McClatchy News has made calls to the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office for additional information that has not yet been answered.

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