Support Economy During Crisis

The global health and economic downturn have had a major effect on life and work. Among these effects was the amazing number of company closures.

Any recession could theoretically tank a local economy and could cause the residents of this group severe financial and social hardship. The influence on customers, other companies, and even city authorities will lead to even greater community disruption.


Fortunately, the city has now an incomparable opportunity to help consolidate and provide employees, owners and consumers with a safety net. Try the following tips to strengthen your local business and economy during the holidays and beyond.

Decorate the place of work

Will you need your office, outside shop, outside restaurant or some other workspace quickly? Search local businesses for inexpensive and elegant furniture choices. Search for new plants in nearby kindergartens and garden centers. Purchase art from independent designers, craftspeople, and craftsmen for your workplaces, instead of shopping on Etsy or Amazon.

Finally, shop in small, self-contained hardware shops for paint touch-ups, storage options and lighting systems rather than go to major domestic department stores.

Team order take-out

The food and beverage services market is one of the most hit sectors of the corporate world. Your favorite bars and restaurants could have had to shutter or just dine in person. However, however they were affected, they certainly lost a large percentage of their regular market. Why not encourage them and at the same time reward the team? Treat the employees to a nearby restaurant lunch with a pickup or delivery by the curbside. It should not be easy to give the team members many meals at their home offices.

Subscribe to local documents

Even before the recession hit the news and advertising industry took a number of body punches. Support independent newspapers and the local news agencies by buying local workers’ streaming subscriptions.

If it’s possible, make physical newspapers accessible to the staff and team mates, employees, employers or anyone who may pay a visit in a breakroom or lobby.

Locally hire

While you might not have a large workforce, your surrounding area will have all that you need when you are looking for additional help, experience, or talents for a particular project. Many people lost their jobs earlier this spring and are now looking for self-employment.

Externalize as far as possible to the world of freelancers. You can bring more cash into circulation in the own sector as you sponsor their new companies.

Local network

Because marketing budgets are thinly spread or even totally axed, many small companies in your region are forced to find new opportunities and buyers. Word of the mouth, often a strong organic means of commercialization, will help to keep companies in difficulty alive.

You will support and learn from this mechanism with your own business by entering local community-based networking platforms such as Alignable. Take part in forums, answer questions and suggest companies in these communities or places that are familiar with customers seeking unique services or products.

Employ professors as tutors

Are you still meeting your schools in person? Many school districts have chosen to abandon studying in person while the recession unfolds. Any teachers were also asked to resign because of family and health issues. Consider recruiting one or more of these teachers to help build a tutoring or a training pot for the children of your employees.

Purchase gifts

The holiday season is the ideal moment for those on your list to visit local shops for exclusive, meaningful presents. And when your local shops are closed to foot traffic, call and talk about buying gift cards for holiday donations. Enter and inspire staff and others to buy while it is safe to do so.

Support local charity projects.

Because the economy has failed to recover, charitable contributions have also been a hit. This ensures that the local charities and voluntary support organizations will fight to accomplish their goals. Donate as much as your company can, particularly for organizations that provide vital assistance to those that have lost jobs or homes. Consider donating for the holidays on behalf of friends and loved ones, then ask them to fund your company.

Leave good feedback

Finally, don’t hesitate to post an excellent rating wherever you can. Most users want unbiased feedback for SMEs they have not previously visited. Many websites gladly accept testimonials and post them directly. On pages such as Yelp, you can even leave positive feedback. Be as precise as possible in praising every local company that you sponsor and inspire others to do the same.

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