Reasons Youtube Should Be A Part Of Social Marketing Strategy

Do you remember the last article you read To? Last watched live TV? The waiting rooms, taxis, and small TVs on the tap do not mean – I mean when did you last watch the TV deliberately – the kind of channels and shows that start with an hour and not according to your plans.

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What About The Last YouTube Video You Watched?

About half of all marketing professionals plan to add YouTube to their marketing strategies next year. And as the world’s second-largest search engine, that figure is not surprising. In fact, about two billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month – that’s part of the Internet, according to YouTube itself, here are some reasons why you should use YouTube for marketing.

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Why YouTube Marketing?

Teens actually watch YouTube in addition to both Live TV and Netflix. It is a place you should be when marketing a product or product to people aged 18-34 years. YouTube Video Market is not limited to that age however. According to Cisco’s 2017 forecast, “globally, IP video traffic will account for 82 percent of all IP traffic (both for businesses and consumers) by 2022.”

So how can you use YouTube for marketing? Product tutorials and reviews are a great way to get involved if you have a product on the market. Users have more opportunities to make purchases after seeing good reviews online – and video allows consumers to actually see the product in action. If your YouTube channel has tutorials, navigation, FAQ, Q&A, and video reviews, your product looks authentic and countless.

Youtube is also a great place for influential marketing. The rise in voting means that creators are introducing their own more pure form than they would on other platforms. YouTubers established a foundation of loyal and loyal followers, making the platform a great place for influential marketing.

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Why YouTube Is Better At Advertising

Because it is the 2nd most visited website in the world. A major contributor to YouTube’s madness is its ability to be used as a search engine. This means that the market finds you and your product as long as your videos are named with search engines in mind. Users can search for cooking videos, DIY tutorials, foreign language classes, how to make videos, and more. Tbh, I can (but definitely do) learn more about video editing and viewing videos on YouTube videos and tutorials than I ever did in film school.

YouTube also reaches more Americans 18 – 34 years old than any other TV network. Studies show that 70% of millennial users watched a video of learning something new last year. So wherever you go – get on YouTube and let us thousands of lazy years teach you one or two things.

This is a great opportunity for businesses and brands to create a unique presence on YouTube, offering unique content that speaks to the needs of the user. Teens are already looking at the site for its details and content requirements – you just need to be on the lookout.

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Marketing On Gen Z Via YouTube

Kids these days – their favorite channel is the internet. Seriously. I was visiting a friend and little girl the other day, and with the typical 2019 fashion, the baby had her head on an iPad. I noticed he was watching these short 2-5 minute shows, and I couldn’t figure out which TV channel would be running so short. So I asked him what he saw.

“It’s YouTube Kids,” he said. Duh!

 I felt like I was dumb about being a video person and I didn’t know this was there, but it makes sense when I think of the hours I spent falling endlessly into the YouTube rabbit hole. Imagine if I were a child with a strong sense of humor and a short attention span. Tragedy for parents and educators, but goldmine for retailers.

Bloomberg News ranks Gen Z as a group of children, adolescents and adults approximately between the ages of 7 and 22 “in 2019. According to a 2017 article, youngsters actually watch YouTube more than any other TV format including other platforms

This is good news for content marketers because virtually anyone with a camera and internet can upload it to YouTube. You don’t have to be a production company or pay tens of thousands of dollars to find a commercial broadcast site. No, with a good video and a certain understanding of advertising, your product can see more exposure in YouTube marketing than any other major network.

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How To Build Trust With YouTube Advertising

So, we have created opportunities for product exposure, but what makes Youtube better in marketing than other mediums? Think about it: where do you go when you are on the phone to buy a product? You will probably read a few written reviews, but eventually, you will find them on YouTube, watch the product in action and listen to what the consumer is doing.

Today, the market is in line with the ethics and quality of products and products. So, naturally, product reviews are becoming more and more popular. In fact, people have watched 50,000 years of product review videos.

Power Of YouTube Influencer

I know you know about influencers. In the last hour, you may have passed an Instagrammer informing you that you have had an earthquake. Influence started as a way for products to make a profit on the reliability of popular social media accounts. Now, the platforms are so crowded with this type of content, we only see the ad.

YouTube’s Influence captures the theory of social media influence and product review results and brings you to a platform focused on greater credibility. That’s why YouTube’s influential marketing works so well. The study defends the view that YouTubers have the most dedicated followers due to the proximity and authenticity of the platform today. With the popularity of vlogs (video blogs), viewers see the user version as random, immature than any other popular social platform.

So when I watch Julien Solamita’s cooking videos, and she starts talking about her new Sony A7s, I’m looking for Sony A7s. Because I have watched hundreds of hours of his content, and I trust him, not just as a creator but as a real person with feelings and quirks. We see more in the lives of YouTuber’s than we see on other social platforms, which are often more than just the pieces of life added sugar. We are more confident in the human experience because it is more organized. And that reality is important today in the minds of consumers.

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