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Your optimal target audiences actually enjoy some entertainment at home right now. Only look at the proof—Netflix has reached a new landmark with subscribers. Internet providers struggle to maintain their bandwidth when interwebs are burnt. Blogs, podcasts, magazines and newsagents are all growing in the distribution of content.

Content — and selling it — are key to the business’ success today. It is no longer enough to turn up and ask the customers to be careful when posting a sales bid. If you don’t nurture it with material, it falls on deaf ears.

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Content marketing is an effective way to create a following, foster prospective clients and generate income through blogs, podcasts, videos and social media posts.

The publication of a book is one of the most powerful ways of content marketing.

Perhaps you see someone writing a 100,000-word novel at a weekend in your head. You think about a process which takes months or even longer to market. What I advise is something a little streamlined—a representation of what the company does in between 15,000 and 30,000 words. The beauty of this content marketing approach is that one of the least used search engines and markets is made available to you: Amazon.

Three ways to use books to promote the brand, develop incoming information and modernise an old method of content marketing.

Add other material to a book

You still create stuff. You publish social media articles, blogs, emails, podcasts and other material forms. All these values can be collected, edited and assembled in the book chapter format.

Great editors and formatters will transform the re-processed material into refined content. When you create a new life, your material reaches book readers ready to read your long and collected ideas. And you will be publishing a book, generating additional revenues and building your incoming information.

To begin, take stock of all the content that you published last month. Is there a subject? Find the connection, build a title and strategically set out the material to teach the user how to solve problems.

Develop ebooks on different subjects in your company

The new book edition has been developed to the stage. The truth is this: Your customer is not ready to take a lot of details. They’d be overwhelmed. You need bits of knowledge in bite size.

Many different elements are required to do what you teach and provide in your company, and each may be a separate ebook. You may have a number of ebooks that inform customers and launch the purchase process unconsciously.

Each book could have links to your website, services page and email list and could provide exclusive incentives if readers are registered. There can be live ties with ebooks in each novel.

A collection of books on your industry issues is a wonderful way to increase your exposure and to reach your customers with importance. It is an underused type of content marketing that generates significant dividends.

If the idea of compiling a book sounds tough, outsource the job.

There are whole companies that create and publish books. Use your current material or employ a ghostwriter to understand what you want to say in a novel. Investing in outsourcing will help you develop the value of your brand, attract new markets in several different ways and create your future buyers list. It’s a win. It’s a win-win.

It is not so difficult to develop, publish and leverage books in your content marketing campaign. The tools today simplify the process much. Look, for instance, at Amazon. It is a wonderful pool of resources and revenues that businesses will add to their operation.

Take some of the excellent content that you worked tirelessly to publish and transform it into a book that would expand the scope and efficiency of your content marketing exponentially. You are one book away from building a legacy content medium.

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