Neuralink Chip By Elon Musk

Elon Musk has come up with Neuralink which is like a fitbit. So this Nuralink is kind of chip that connects to your brain. Kind of like it acts a human interface with brain-computer which will allow “human-AI symbiosis”. During the live event of Elon Musk of neurotechnology startup of Nuralink showed off this chip and what it can do and what not. The multibillionaire entreprenuer is on the roll to make new impact in the age of computers! Check out amazing offers at amazon. Check out amazing offers at amazon.

Why Elon Musk Created Neuralink (feat. Real Science)

Neuralink Startup:

Elon Musk founded this neural tech company in 2016. So this year, the company showcased its technology by developing a chip. So this chip is connected to wires which fan out into human brain. Its capable of recording both brain activity and stimulating it. As per the tests done, Elon has stated that this prototype has been used on monket which turned out to be successful. Check out amazing offers at amazon. Check out amazing offers at amazon.

Can Floppy Wires Move Into Brain Without Causing Any Damage?

Elon Musk says Neuralink will stream music straight into your brain

The wires in this device uses Hires think that coudl advance the field because of its floppy feature. The fact that they are using these felxible wires is a new innovation. Each wire is slimmer than humar hair which carries electrodes and are able to detect brain acitvity at every point. Whereas, stiff wires could cause alot of damage because it moves around in brain. Thus Floppy wires are the best solution for Neuralink. Also they can stay for long period of time in brain because they are not inflame or will damage any brain tissue. Check out amazing offers at amazon. Check out amazing offers at amazon.

Sewing Machine Over Surgeon?

Neuralink Demonstrates Rudimentary Limb-tracking via Brain-interface in  Live Pigs

So the only problem which arrise is floppy wires are dificult to thread into brain. But not to worry because Neuralink has taken care of it. These will be inserted into brain with device not dissimilar to sewing machines. It would use a stiff needle to poke the thread into the outer surface of brain. Specifically Hires was much impressed that this machine which counteracts the human brain wont jiggle. Theres breathing . the heartbeat move the brain a little bit during such insertions. Feature known as online motion correction works in the best beneficial for this chip. Check out amazing offers at amazon. Check out amazing offers at amazon.

Super-Power Chip Like Computer !

Elon Musk says Neuralink chip will allow you to stream music to your brain  | The Independent | The Independent

Final Weapon in Neuralink arsenal is the super pwer chip which interprets every brain activty which is picked up by electrodes. The only problem that these electrical signals are small which flow out from brain. Also it can get distorted by noise and also theres always digital sound near us. But this super-power chip is such technology that will help record more places with higher precision. Basically upgrading yourself from standard TV to Hugh Definition One. This super chip will help and eradicate all problems and still its in more development. Check out amazing offers at amazon.

Dont Get Excited About Monkeys!

How Scientists Influenced Monkeys' Decisions Using Ultrasound in Their  Brains

Well as of earlier it was tested on monkeys as prototype this allowed monkey “to control computer with its brain.” Well they stated that the monkey was not surfing on internetbut just moving cursor from here to there but this prototype worked in the best feature. Check out amazing offers at amazon. Check out amazing offers at amazon.

Neuralink Best Possible Use:

Well this chip can act as a robotic limb for the ones who are paralyzed with robotic mind control. Also fine control over brain with less stress what one need more. Also this chip will help stimulate many signals at different type and help the needy one in the coming future. Check out amazing offers at amazon.

Moving Beyond Mind-Controlled Limbs to Prosthetics That Can Actually 'Feel'

Well this can be unreal for few, but Elon Musk said this would be reality soon in the future. None or the less its happening in the coming future! Lets wait until and drop your views for this high tech! Check out amazing offers at amazon. Check out amazing offers at amazon.

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