New Whatsapp Business Feature

Are you using WhatsApp Business in your business or are you considering acquiring it? Facebook announced a change to the platform, which can now manage accounts for your business faster.
The goal of this technology company is to facilitate communication between the company and its consumers through WhatsApp. Here are some changes: The time required for the company to obtain the service now only takes 5 minutes, compared to the previous period that may have taken several weeks.
allows you to preset 10 quick message options and three reply options for your users.

You will be able to send notifications to your clients in a timely manner without having to wait 24 hours.

WhatsApp Business - Apps on Google Play

On the other hand, users who block corporate accounts will have the option to share their experiences with more people.
According to the messaging platform, the idea is that communication between the company and its customers is more “comfortable and personal”.

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