TeaSea Rises Up As A True Artist:

In today’s world, many consider music to be the thing that makes the world go around. And truly this is becoming increasingly true as people become fans of bands and musicians from all over the world irrespective of language and age barriers. However, the music industry is also quite a competitive industry and there are many who make trendy songs that are sure to give momentary success and make the artist a lot of money irrespective of whether they themselves enjoy the song or not.

However, some are definitely the opposite and TeaSea is one such artist who is not afraid to explore his internal thought processes and his ability to process emotions in search of good music. Portraying the depths of his mind and his experiences with love for all to see, TeaSea has released his latest song by the name of Vitals. As the name suggests love indeed is vital for every person on this planet and many songs only portray the romanticized and flowery version of love which is not necessarily true for all of us. Love is oftentimes pain and compromise and heartbreak which is what TeaSea makes sure to express in his song.

TeaSea revealed that the song Vitals is not just based on things that he has seen in other people’s lives but has experienced them personally. The lyrics are based on the feelings develop for a special woman in his life who made him feel things that he did not previously know he was capable of feeling. These new and unexplored emotions were certainly alien to him and TeaSea felt as if a load had been put on top of his heart, due to the magnitude of emotions he felt. TeaSea has tried his best to do justice to the song and what it represents through the music composition and his voice which accompanies it and ties it all together. His attempt has been highly successful though as listeners from all around the world have been all praises for it. Vitals has also earned its own place on the playlist of many and is being heard on the loop by true fans.

As of now TeaSea is working on his next song and promises to include this deeper side of himself more in the future. Although his fan following right now isn’t too less TeaSea definitely deserves a lot more. So, to be a part of his fanbase and to stay updated with whatever these talented individual releases in the future make sure to follow TeaSea on his social media accounts linked below:

Instagram: @teasea_tc | Twitter: @teasea_tc

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