Musk Quash| SpaceX Launch Paused

According to CNBC, just seconds before takeoff on Tuesday, the SpaceX launch came to a halt after a plane flew into the launch range.

founder Elon Musk expressed dissatisfaction with the rocket launch rules on Twitter.
“An aircraft has entered the ‘no-go zone’, which is unreasonably huge. Without major regulatory reforms, humans simply cannot become a space civilization. The current regulatory system has been broken.” Rocket 9 launches at a speed of once a day, which is why Musk has been an outspoken critic of launch regulations this year. The company has also conducted multiple tests on its Starship rocket prototype. When it was postponed in January, Musk began criticizing the FAA.

SpaceX launches Dragon cargo spacecraft to ISS with new Falcon 9 rocket

“Unlike its aircraft division, the FAA’s aerospace division’s regulatory structure is fundamentally broken,” he said. “Their rules are for a small number of unique launches by some government agencies each year. Under these rules, humans will never reach Mars.”

At the same time, SpaceX ignored the FAA’s decision to conduct a test flight for the Starship SN8 prototype in December. But since then, the FAA has defended the company before Congress, saying that SpaceX “effectively modified its procedures.” The FAA also stated that it is also working to simplify release regulations and rules.

Despite a recent tweet, Musk said he agreed with regulators “99.9% of the time.”
In “rare cases”, the billionaire businessman stated that this is generally due “to new technologies that were not anticipated by previous regulations.”

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