Crypto Slangs You Will Definitely Love To Know

Cryptocurrency and its popularity among people currently have no limits. Its growing market and popularity are attracting more and more people. It is one of the hot topics among investors because of its unstable market and up-down of the market value in the global market.

Crypto Slangs You Will Definitely Love To Know
Crypto Slangs You Will Definitely Love To Know

With such popularity among people, it comes with new words which are unknown to most of the investors and people. These words are mostly slangs nowadays which are confusing and alien words to the newcomer and many people. This slang is making people more interested in this asset.

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Famous Crypto Slangs

Here are some most popular and unknown slangs that you may love –

  • FOMO – In normal words it generally means “Fear Of Missing Out”. But in the world of crypto its meaning is different. When talking about crypto world it means that when someone is unable to buy cryptocurrency at less price.
  • HODL – Most of the people thinks that this slang means “Holding On For Dear Life” but it really means that when someone is not able to hold crypto through market turmoil.
  • FUD – It general meaning is “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” but in its world it means something negative about some crypto currency.
  • WHALE – It means someone who holds a big amount of cryptocurrency.
  • Mooning – It generally means that when a cryptocurrency price is hitting a high price. When it touches a peak price then this slang is used.

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