Cryptocurrencies Role In Ukraine

Ukraine-Russia conflict is the most trending topic in the news. It gets more in focus when Russia starts invading Ukraine. In between the conflict, crypto is playing a crucial role.

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Cryptocurrencies Role In Ukraine
Cryptocurrencies Role In Ukraine

It is helping the Ukrainian government to raise money through these assets. Crypto is helping the Ukrainian force to gets funds in millions of dollars to fight against Russia. Now Ukraine is using cryptocurrencies which are changing its repute in the market and it is also affecting its market value.

Crypto Role In Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Cryptocurrencies Role In Ukraine
Cryptocurrencies Role In Ukraine

Currently, Ukraine got approx 100 million dollars of funds through crypto. It is mostly helping the government in giving ration and military accessories such as bulletproof vests, helmets, etc. But because of increasing violence, now most of the funds are used to help the Ukraine military.

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Most of the funds are coming in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. The benefit of choosing crypto because it lets individuals give donations other than the government. Nowadays, it is an attraction to the young generation which helps the government to get funds easily. One of the major factors of choosing crypto because of its speed transfer rate.

Right now crypto is playing a major role in Ukraine’s economy. Even though

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