The Next Big NFT Drop Is Coming In Ten Days.

MetaRobotica, a new-age NFT collection secured on the Ethereum blockchain, is brimming with potential. With a next-generation aesthetic and cutting-edge utility, this project is brimming with promise. With over 38,000 members on Discord and a sizable following on other social media platforms, all eyes will be on this project in the coming days.

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MetaRobotica: A World Of Women Warriors

The Next Big NFT Drop Is Coming In Ten Days.
The Next Big NFT Drop Is Coming In Ten Days.

In the MetaRobotica world, a total of 8,888 unique NFTs will represent individual female warriors. Surrounded by darkness and disarray, these ancient female warriors represent the metaverse’s only hope for restoring light and peace. They will all attempt to save mankind, led by seven leaders known as “The Seven.” Due to the fact that each warrior is unique in its own body, each holder will have its own true personality in the MetaRobotica world.

The Act of Creation

The legendary artist Elad Malka brought this NFT collection to life; his creative drive and discipline were poured into each and every one of these warriors. a few months ago. This project has a detailed plan that will be very useful to its owners, especially in the Meta Robotica world.

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A Map of the Road

MetaRobotica’s ecosystem will be built on the strength of its relationships and community trust. With a strong team of professionals and a long-term vision, this collection has the potential to be a huge success.

One of the initial goals of this project is to create a virtual reality NFT marketplace where users can interact, purchase and sell NFTs, and many other exciting features that will be announced in the coming months.

Soon after, they intend to create a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) for governance in order to fairly delegate voting rights to their users. This is a critical component of any true Web3/Metaverse project, and it instils a sense of optimism in prospective investors.

Once the MetaRobotica world is fully operational, the utility of these NFTs will become apparent. NFT holders receive the RoboCard, which serves as a means of acquiring ERC-20 tokens ($MROB) for MetaRobotica members. The more tokens you acquire, the better, as this will eventually result in large airdrops.

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The Next Big NFT Drop Is Coming In Ten Days.
The Next Big NFT Drop Is Coming In Ten Days.

Meta Robotica, the company that makes the RoboCard, will check how many NFTs you have in your crypto wallet for about a month. Then they will give you your RoboCard based on how many NFTs you have in your wallet as an individual.

After that, a massive airdrop will hit the MetaRobotica world, bringing customizability and enabling access to spaceship creation, which will quickly become a critical component of the metaverse. Things will be in full swing at this point.

Soon after, tokenomics will be used in the world, giving users who own the most $MROB a bigger say in how the ecosystem is run. This is an important part of any system’s fairness and is an important part of governance.

They will then launch their Play2Earn game, which will maximise the utility of these initial 8,888 NFTs. Those who are fans or have been collecting them for a long time will get real-life avatars, and the metaverse will be in full swing.

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