Social Media And The Changing Technology

In the last two decades, social media has undergone tremendous evolution. In fact, we have reached such a situation in which we are social just because of the existence of social media. Technological advancements have helped us engage on social platforms via smartphones. A smartphone in the hand has made it possible that we are connected to a large number of people virtually.

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It has not only connected to a large number of people but also improves our business. It has changed technology. Businesses have indeed become dependent on social media for socializing.

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Have a look at 5 different ways in which social media has changed our lives:


Do you remember the last time you had a word with your friend over the phone? Do you remember the last app you used on your phone? You may not remember the answer to the first question but definitely, the answer to the second one is social media. Every time we binge on our phones, the first thing we check is social media feeds. People have just forgotten the old-fashioned way of talking over phones. But this does not mean that people are not connected with their family and friends. People are more attached to their near ones via various platforms. This is so because there is daily communication.

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Further, the smartphones in our hands are not just phones but they are much more. They are in fact portable computers. Technology has made it possible to do anything on phone. Earlier people were dependent on computers for important doing works. But now the scenario has changed, smartphones are no different from computers. Now you can just download the required app and communicate with friends around the globe. This is the trend that is going all around.

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Social media platforms help us to communicate with people individually or even as a group. Some of the platforms let users upload audio or a video. You can also air live videos. Yes! the present generation is lucky to have such handy communication facilities.

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Crowd Funding

Most of the social media users would definitely have donated a sum for the universal cause. The amount does not matter but the initiative matters. The cause may be for the treatment, education, or even helping for a natural cause.

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There are also instances in which developers and creators have a great idea but there is no source of fund. Money becomes a barrier to making their dream come true. The only option available for them is the traditional methods. This includes venture capitalists and bankers. Social media has come up as a turning point in the lives of all such people.

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Social media enables users to share information with large masses. It will reach a large number of people. People who are ready to help you and get through your financial crisis.

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Information Technology

The biggest thing social media has changed is the IT sector. IT system has customized the type of content that people prefer especially in the political domain.

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For instance, Facebook was blamed for suppressing compressive ads. It focused more on showing more liberal ads and posts. Companies control the type of information given to people.

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Therefore, social media will evolve more in a couple of decades. According to analysis, Facebook and Instagram will continue to dominate the networks in the mere future.

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